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About Cocktails

Myriad coloured drinks with hitherto unexplored flavours get many a party flowing and breaking ice between the stiffest of upper lips! The novelty factor of Cocktails is a charm that even a most conservative follower of Bacchus falls for, sometime or the other. And the majority- specially the fairer sex swear by it! 

The essential ingredients of a cocktail (two or more used) are:-

  • Liquor- The main component that makes a drink a ‘Cocktail’ (otherwise it is a ‘Mocktail’). The alcohol concentration is mostly over 40 % by volume.
  • Liqueur- Intensely flavoured alcoholic drinks made by distillation process so that the essence of the flavouring ingredients is properly captured. The alcohol concentration however, is mostly much less as compared to the Liquor examples are- Campari (28.5%), Kahlua (20%), and Bailey’s Irish Cream (17%). Liqueur is a Latin term meaning 'To Melt' or 'To Dissolve'.
  • Mixer – The non alcoholic component of a Cocktail that adds volume and/or flavour to the Cocktail such as Fruit Juices, Crushes, Tonic water, Soda Water, Plain Water etc.
  • Garnishes- to make the drink visually appealing and pairing it with something edible that is compatible to the flavour of the drink.

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