Ravi K Joshi

La Bonne Cuisiniere

 Speak Drinks and can Food be far behind?  Pairing wine with food is a known and nothing short of an artistic pursuit by those who are deeply passionate about both these pleasurable entities. I could not have asked for more than having a better half who always works in tandem with me to prepare something befitting and congruous to every bottle of wine I open and  to many cocktail I whip-up at odd times. So here's introducing Smita a.k.a. La Bonne Cuisiniere (The good cuisine maker). Smita, though having no formal education in culinary sciences  is driven purely by passion, picking up cooking skills from across the length and breadth of the country while travelling on job with me and experimenting with various cuisines. Several wins in cooking competitions only acted as a catalyst to her culinary pursuits, and what was a tip of an iceberg has transcended to being an unfathomable quest for Food and Drink compatibility.  

Here are some practical and simple recipes that are bound to get the gastronomical juices flowing!

Bon Appetit!

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